Founded in 1995 OS & CO is been in a leader in the food industry for production, import and distribution of high quality, healthy and delicious food and food products. We believe that living healthy doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless. So using quality and affordability as our cornerstone we produce healthy, and delicious food and food products by using highest quality ingredients and processes available. Our vast product portfolio includes :

  1. 1. Pasta
  2. 2. Pizza
  3. 3. Ready Meals
  4. 4. Snacks
  5. 5. Cookies
  6. 6. Crackers
  7. 7. Olive Oils
  8. 8. Cooking Oils
  9. 9. Canned Tomato Products

About SPESIALE Brand:
SPECIALE Brand is our Health Journey brand specially crafted with your well being in mind. This Brand of food not only addresses health concerns such as Chronic Kidney Disease, Celiac Disease and Diabetic but also takes on a health journey with menu full of delicious, nutritious and affordable food. Best and high quality ingredients along with proven quality process are the foundation of this brand. To ensure quality, every product manufactured is directly screened through our on-site laboratories equipped with most sophisticated accurate instrument available today. SPECIALE Brand currently offers Gluten Free and Organic line of products. To expand the range we are working on developing Sugar Free, Low Protein lactose free and all natural food products sure to make the Health Journey more exciting for you.